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Charged with Driving While Intoxicated, a DWI or a DUI in New Jersey?

New Jersey DWI Lawyer

No matter what you call it, the consequences can be significant. It is important that you not only know your legal rights, but also what defenses you may have available to you. Having an experienced, knowledgeable aggressive New Jersey DWI Lawyer on YOUR side is your advantage. While the police have the prosecutor on their side, you deserve to have someone fighting for you.

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Being a former municipal prosecutor, I have handled DUI and DWI on behalf of people that were charged with a DWI and/or DUI and the police who issued these charges. Allow my years of experience and dedication to my clients work as your New Jersey DUI Lawyer.

Having the "right" New Jersey DUI Lawyer on your side it only to your benefit. I have not only handled DWI type matters, but also related matters such as: Underage DWI, Refused Breathalyzer, Reckless Driving, Driving While Suspended, Driving Without Insurance, Drug Offenses, criminal offenses, disorderly persons offenses, and Drunk Driving Accidents New Jersey.

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Criminal Lawyer NJ

NJ Criminal and DUI Attorney

Being arrested for a crime is a scary and unnerving ordeal, so you need to hire the best criminal lawyer in New Jersey. The consequences that you are facing could be severe and life altering. Your freedom, your reputation, and your life as you know it could depend on the decisions you make in the first 24 hours. Choosing the right NJ Criminal Defense Attorney to defend you could be one of the most important decisions of your life.

Before you go to court, it is important that you not only know your legal rights, but also what New Jersey criminal defenses you may have available.. Having an experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive criminal lawyer on your side is only to your advantage. Allow my years of New Jersey criminal law experience and dedication to my clients work for you. While the police have the prosecutor on their side, you deserve to have someone fighting for you.

I have successfully handled various criminal defense matters, including:

  • Drug Charges
  • Disorderly Person's Offenses
  • Theft
  • Bad Checks
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Hindering Apprehension
  • Simple and Aggravated Assault
  • Various other Indictable Offenses
  • Second Degree Assault New Jersey

You need to have an aggressive Criminal Lawyer NJ on your side "fighting" for your rights.

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Criminal Law Expungements Princeton, NJ



Face it, these days, everyone is conducting background checks, and that "dumb" move that you did a while ago shows a criminal record. Does that arrest and/or criminal conviction keep rearing its ugly head? If so, there may be something that you can do about. You may be eligible for an "expungement" to clear your criminal record in New Jersey.

Essentially, criminal law expungements are the legal process of "cleaning" your criminal records. The purpose of an expungement is to "erase" the negative things that happen in your past since a criminal record can often hinder your future and your ability to secure a job. Many of the more common criminal offense can be expunged such as, petty theft, shoplifting, possession of marijuana, disorderly persons offenses, petty disorderly persons offenses, township ordinance and even arrests. Some indictable offenses that are felonies can be expunged in New Jersey. The main reason why people want to clear their criminal record is so that they can secure employment. This is because most employers are now conducting background checks before hiring a job applicant. Most employers consider the applicant's criminal record in deciding whether to extend a job offer. A person whose conviction is expunged can lawfully answer "no" if asked whether he has been arrested and/or convicted of a crime.

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NJ Lemon Law Attorney

NJ Lemon Law Attorney

Is your new vehicle a LEMON?

Fortunately, there are laws in the State of New Jersey to protect consumers who purchase defective vehicles, NJ Lemon Laws. Most people refer to defect vehicles as "Lemons". However, in order for a vehicle to be deemed a "Lemon," it must:

  • Suffer a defect or non-conformity that substantially impairs the vehicle's use, value or safety
  • That defect or non-conformity must be the subject of an "unreasonable" number of repair attempts, or those which are a serious defect which could cause bodily harm, or death that is not corrected after 1 repair attempt.
  • The defect that substantially impairs the vehicle's use, value or safety, must occur within the first two (2) years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

If a vehicle is deemed a "Lemon," a consumer is then entitled to a full refund of the purchase price, or a new replacement vehicle. A "refund" under the law may include: sales tax, license and registration fees, finance charges, and any additional costs minus a "reasonable" allowance for vehicle use. The "Lemon" law also provides for payment of all legal fees and costs to be paid by the manufacturer should a consumer prevail.

Simply because a vehicle suffers from a multiple number of problems or repeat type problems, does not necessarily mean that this vehicle is a "Lemon." However, there are separate remedies under the Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act that protect a consumer and allow you to recover money damages.

As a NJ Lemon Law Attorney, my goal is to help you get rid of your LEMON! 100% Cost Free Lemon Law Help!

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Personal Injury Attorney in New Jersey

Personal Injury Attorney in New Jersey

Did you or someone you know suffer an injury?

If you have suffered a personal injury, the Law Office of Brian T. Goldenfarb can be of service. I realize that sustaining a personal injury can be devastating and affect all aspects of a person's life. I understand the physical, financial and emotional stress that an injury or accident can place on you and your loved ones. As a personal injury attorney in New Jersey, the Law Office of Brian Goldenfarb is here to help people put their lives back together, after suffering from a personal injury.

When you are injured, whether in a car accident, truck accident, slip and fall accident, motorcycle accident or suffer any other kind of personal injury, everything can change. You deserve to be compensated for the harm that someone has caused you. Whether you have questions about medical bills, insurance coverage, wage loss or personal injury, Brian Goldenfarb has the experience and knowledge to be your personal injury attorney. Don't let the insurance company tell you what they think that you should do. You deserve to have the best personal injury attorney take care of YOUR interests, protect YOUR rights and help you obtain maximum recovery for your injury. As your NJ personal injury attorney, I can help you and your family to begin the healing process. At the Law Office of Brian Goldenfarb, you will not be shuffled around from person to person. I will personally handle your persoal injurry matter from start to finish. Call now for a FREE personal injury consultation.

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Family Law - Matrimonial

Relying on his years of experience in the Courtroom, Brian Goldenfarb has successfully represented people with Family Law related issues. Whether the matter involves divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time, alimony, enforcement orders, modification motions and/or other related matrimonial issues, Brian Goldenfarb has the compassion, experience and aggressiveness in handling all phases of "Divorce". Brian is sensitive to the fact that these cases can become quite personal as they often involve children, finances, money, personal assets and your home.

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While aggressive "fighting" for you, Brian understands that it is always in the client's best interest to attempt to resolve legal issues quickly, practically and in a cost effective manner. As I know that your case is extremely important to you, it is equally as important to him. Brian will provide you with the time and attention that you deserve. Unlike other law firms, Brian will be happy to discuss your matter and provide a FREE phone consultation. Please call (732) 321-9100.

"Winning Isn't Everything, It is the ONLY thing."
- Vince Lombardi